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Thinking Of A Website?

Consider This...

Web Process

If your starting your website from scratch and don't know where to begin - here are some important things to think about to get things moving. The more you've thought about, the quicker we can get you up and running.

What Do You Like?

This might be a little harder to answer than you think. Start with the basics. The colours, the style and general feel. It's time to become a creative sponge and make notes of anything you see that attracts your attention. Sometimes it's easier to know what you don't like - tell us that too, it will help. Have you visited any websites you really like? Make a note of the URL (that's the www.address in the top bar of your browser) and we'll look them up.

Got the full picture?

Why not gather together the images you'd like to use on your website. If you can't find what you want, we can help - We have access to millions of great photos at really low prices.

What do you want to say?

We'd say this is probably the most important part of your website. Decide upon what information you want to display and save it in any usual text format.

How Many Pages?

Once you've written your text, you'll need to decide how many pages you'll need. Consider what your menu pages will be called. Products? Services? About Us? Work these out and split your text accordingly. Not sure how many pages you need? No problem, we can always add more pages later at the lowest prices.

What's the competition doing?

Now for some detective work! What are your top competitor's sites like? Are they informing customers of things you've missed? It may be a good place to start and improve on. Remember, your customers will be comparing you both, so make sure you do the same.